Welcome Scrum Facilitator!

Scrum Facilitators are a group of five independent, highly experienced Scrum Trainers working together. We are partners with Scrum.org and provide every Scrum.org training there is available, given by one of our certified Professional Scrum Trainers

We also provide custom made workshops and training if so requested

Our aim is to enable each and every one of our participants to have a bigger impact with Scrum on their team and/or organization by making them part of the Scrum Facilitator community

Chee Hong Hsia
travels the world with Scrum in his backpack

Jasper Alblas
intrigued by team dynamics

Kai Stevens
our Premium Product Owner

Sjoerd Kranendonk
our crime fighter

Ziryan Salayi
brings agility to organizations through Scrum

We stand for:

Win – win
Trainers that practice their craft
Building communities and connection
Always train together