Aside from our Scrum Facilitators Podcast, we’re planning on creating audio products. The first product is the Dutch translation of the Scrum Guide 2020. Other guides that may appear here are the English audio Scrum Guide 2020, and audio versions of the Scrum with Kanban Guide, EBM Guide, etc. Let us know which one you want first. 

Dutch Scrum Guide 2020



The embedded file is currently v1.1. The Dutch Scrum Guide 2020 is narrated by Sjoerd Kranendonk. Both the narrated Scrum Guide and all audio project files, cuts and edits are available through Github under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0 License. Separate parts will be published around this web site on the content pages for the Scrum Framework. The narrated Scrum Guide has been pre-released as a four-part podcast series.

Download the audio file for your own use here: Scrum Gids 2020 – Nederlands Gesproken (this always links to the most recent release on Github).