PSPO-A 9-10 February

PSPO-A 9-10 February

IN PERSON! We are happy to inform you that this edition will be in-person in Utrecht.  We will always respect and facilitate necessary precautions to fight COVID-19 as advised by the government at that time!  Early Bird rates of 1295 euro apply up till four weeks before the first day.

Language for this training will be Dutch

If you want to attend in English, contact us before signing up. We may be able to change to English if the participants that are already registered agree. 

The Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced (PSPO-A) training is aimed at Product Owners who want to fortify their mandate. Going from ‘it feels my Product Backlog is managed by my stakeholders’ to ‘my stakeholders help me maximize the value of the product’. From ‘being the owner of the changes to the product’ to ‘owning all aspects that influence the success of the product’.

Sounds magical. And no, this is growth that is not achieved within the 2-day training. But what will you achieve?

The training is built around Product Owner stances. These are different ways to operate that you can apply as a Product Owner so that you will be more effective in your role. Because you can improve your influence with regards to different situations that are part of your role, you will achieve better results. For instance collaboration with stakeholders in and outside the Sprint Review. Also the collaboration with the Scrum Team and possible other Product Owners within your domain.

For every ‘stance’ we will go through a number of tools and techniques, we will practice with them in a case that goes throughout the course, so you can try these tools out for yourself. You’ll do this in a team of participants (other Product Owners), that allows you to be challenged by them and the trainers.

Every Scrum Facilitator training will be facilitated by two experienced trainers. Kai Stevens is a Product Owner with over 12 years of Product Owner experience in different environments. Sjoerd Kranendonk works as a Scrum Master, (agile) coach, and consultant for over 7 years with exceptional interest and attention for the value of effective Product ownership. Sjoerd is a Professional Scrum Trainer and has over 5 years’ experience with Scrum related training. He helped develop the PSPO-A and other Product Owner related training. Since 2020 Kai and Sjoerd are working together with other Scrum professionals as Scrum Facilitators to spread knowledge, tools & tips to use Scrum more effectively.

Any questions regarding the training? Reach out to Sjoerd or Kai: / 

Price listed of 1295 is an Early Bird price which will be valid when registering 4 weeks in advance. Regular Price is 1495 euro. We offer discounts for students whose fee is not paid for by an employer or otherwise tax-deductible. We also apply fair pricing for students from other regions and are open to discsuss volume discounts. Contact us to discuss!


  • Date : 09-02-2022 - 10-02-2022
  • Time : 09:00 - 17:00 (UTC)
  • Venue : Space 2 Create, Utrecht, Stationsplein 90, 3511 ED
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[Note: This event will be held on zoom. Attendee will get zoom meeting URL through email]


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