PSU 31-01 Aug 2022

Language for this virtual training will be English

Dutch speaking trainer available throughout the course, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU)

The Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU) training is aimed at UX professionals, Scrum Masters and other Scrum Team members who want to improve the flow and balance of UX work and the rapid iterations of Scrum.  In practice it can feel like UX just cannot fit well within the Scrum Framework, and that UX and UX specialists can better work outside of the team in their own rhythm. However this impedes both rapid validation of ideas and solutions in the UX domain, as well as good understanding of the user, the tasks they want to achieve and how the product should be developed to support this. Not to mention the business problem or Product Goal you are aiming to solve currently.

What you’ll get

So in this 2-day training we explore both approaches, as well as misconceptions and challenges. But what will you achieve?

  • Improved understanding of both Scrum and Lean UX and their practical applications
  • Insights how Scrum and UX fit together
  • Ability to bust long-lived myths about Scrum, UX and related topics
  • Hands on case study putting Lean UX approach to practice
  • Explore how certain UX practices that by definition run longer than a Sprint can be managed when using Scrum
  • Find all learning objectives on the official PSU page
  • Questions about the content upfront? Reach out! 🙂

About the trainers

Every Scrum Facilitator training will be facilitated by two experienced trainers.

Steve Trapps

Steve has over 20 years of IT experience in various roles, ranging from scrum master for various development teams, technical architect on high profile projects to a developer who is just happy to be coding away. During this time, Steve has worked for sector-leading companies BSkyB, Nestle UK, and Procter & Gamble whilst also working for small to medium enterprises to help them to grow their business by supporting their development processes and the teams within.

In addition to being a trainer, Steve is a TOGAF certified architect and a former Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

Steve has worked in various teams (Scrum and none Scrum) so comes packed with real-life stories. From Start-Ups building the next social media network up to large corporations handling thousands of transactions a second. If you want to learn from someone who has been there and done it, then Steve would be able to share experiences to help you on your way.

Sjoerd Kranendonk

Sjoerd Kranendonk is an active Scrum practitioner who started out as a full stack software developer. In those early days he was already trying to support collaboration and improve stakeholder interactions (circa 2012).

From there things escalated quickly. After discovering Scrum and seeing the challenges and potential of the Scrum Master role, Sjoerd quickly grew in the role and became licensed as a Professional Scrum Trainer in 2017. From the outset Sjoerd collaborated with(in) teams, building valuable products while collaborating with stakeholders beyond the team. Sharing knowledge and helping others share theirs is his favorite way of learning and helping others learn. This approach can be found in his Scrum Master and Agile Coaching assignments, his projects and the classes, like the one you are looking at now.

Sjoerd has always had a keen interest in the human side of Product Management and applying empiricism to discover what is valuable to the relevant Stakeholders involved. Scrum and empiricism help us get assumptions clear and validate or dispel them as a team. This helps us make better decisions, improve our way of working and effectively create valuable products and services.

Note concerning Pricing

Regular Price is 1495 euro. Virtual Price is 1295 euro. We offer discounts for students whose fee is not paid for by an employer or otherwise tax-deductible. We also apply fair pricing for students from other regions and are open to discuss volume discounts. Contact us to discuss!

Contact the trainers

Any questions regarding the training? Reach out to Sjoerd: 


  • Date : 31-08-2022 - 01-09-2022
  • Time : 09:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)
  • Venue : Virtual

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