Starting with Scrum Visualisation (do-over)

Online event

One of our biggest accountability as Scrum Masters and Professionals is to help organisations understand Scrum. We can do this by teaching, coaching, mentoring, and […]

Scrum Teams and Self-Organization

Online event

Self-management is the heart of each Scrum Team. Many people have an opinion about it and just as many have written about self-organization and self-management. […]

All-4-ONE a co-op Scrum game

Online event

Please join us for a both playfull and serious community huddle at January 6th 2022. Our "Intern" Swen-Peter will host a surprising zoom friendly version […]

Scrum vs DevOps

Online event

Have you ever wondered how Scrum and DevOps go together? Can they? Some say they're inherently the same, some say they're entirely different! Let's explore […]

LEGO® SERIOUS Scrum with Hybrid Teams

SF Experience Computerweg 37, Amersfoort, UT

Hi everyone, we're back!! First of all, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy. When the pandemic started, we took a step back to […]