Scrum Facilitators - the Community - You!

Our mission is to inspire Scrum Facilitators to continuously improve their impact on organizational agility. We do this by meetups, training, workshops, content and products.
We call all our participants Scrum Facilitators, because not just us, but all of you are facilitating Scrum in your own environment and organizations.

Chee Hong Hsia - Trainer

My mission is to improve the profession of product delivery and coaching organizations in their Agile transformation journey. To do this, I use Scrum in combination with Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming practices while respecting the underlying Agile Values, and Principles.
I've been heavily involved with Scrum since 2006. My experience comes from working with numerous organizations in Europe and Asia where I help and coach scrum teams, middle management and C-level executives in the art of servant leadership, empirical thinking, bottom-up intelligence, the power of self-organization, evidence-based management and validate-learning. As a trainer, I combine my two passion: Scrum & travelling. I get to travel, meet and teach Scrum all over the world. During my training, I facilitate professionals on a journey of discovering the underlying values and principles behind Scrum and challenge students in re-imagining the true potential of Scrum.

Jasper Alblas - Trainer

As an independent agile consultant, Scrum Master and as a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) it is my mission to improve the professional use of Scrum in organizations. Scrum is a framework that is lightweight, easy to understand, but difficult to master. This is often because organizations struggle with the status-quo and changing that to more agile ways of working and adopting a different mindset. I help individuals and organizations with knowledge on agile ways of working, growing an agile mindset and and change in culture. I help out not only by training, but helping the organisation in a role that makes sense for the situation that they're in. I love the power of teams. I love the effectiveness of self-organisation. I love people and to understand their needs and desires. I believe in the good and the better. I believe in win-win. That's why I love community thinking.

Jenny Yung - Graphic Designer

Business consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and financial services industry. Skilled in stakeholder management, process modelling, change management, solution/ enterprise architecture, project management and Agile Methodologies. Strong business development professional with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) "ICT in Business" from Leiden University.

Last but not least: our talented graphical designer!

Kai Stevens - Trainer

I am a passionate product owner driven to build game changing (software) products together with inspiring people. In the past years I have worked with several development teams on challenging products. I am experienced in all aspects of product ownership ranging from vision and strategy all the way down to the tactics. You will find me pushing the limits to release early and often to validate assumptions and deliver value in rapid pace. When working with me you will experience a compelling WHY at anytime while I leave the HOW to others with clear boundaries to become successful. Besides my work as a product owner I also run my own company: The Product Owner Coach. The mission of The Product Owner Coach is to help other product owners grow further in this beautiful but challenging role. The workshops and trainings I provide tap right into my daily experience as a product owner which helps bridging theory to daily practice in reality.

Sjoerd Kranendonk - Trainer

Helping teams & organisations improve work by coaching Product Owners, Scrum Masters & teams from an Agile mindset. Best thing about my job? Learning and growing by helping others learn and grow! I operate from the conviction that fun and passion for your job is key to achieving great results and essential for keeping a sustainable pace in continuous improvement. To me, people and technology are impossible to view in isolation, so I coach, develop and consult with pleasure on both.

Ziryan Salayi - Trainer

I am an Agile professional who is passionate about getting the most out of people and teams. Getting organizations and individuals more agile, more customer oriented and creating high performing teams has become my personal mission over the years. My aim is to enable employees to be fully empowered and support self-selection on all areas within agile organizations. I believe in stimulating and enabling continuous improvement and enjoy working in cross-cultural and virtual teams. Being part of international companies has provided me the opportunity to further develop my social and intercultural communication skills. This has allowed me to successfully work with several virtual teams over the years.