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Scrum Facilitators

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) training is a two day course, which addresses the theory and principles of Scrum. The use of Scrum within and outside of software development is still growing. The focus for this course is knowing and applying the power of Scrum. Connecting theory to practice is there for very important. After this course you will know what Scrum is (and isn’t) and how to start applying it in your organization and/or team.

After the training you will have two attempts at the online PSM I assessment which leads to the world wide acknowledged PSM I certification.

This class can be taken both online as a Live Virtual Class as well as In person

€1.495 €1.295,- for virtual classes
  • Understand the principles and values of Scrum
  • Start with Scrum within your team
  • Two attempts at PSM assessment
  • Learn roles and responsibilities within Scrum

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The focus for this training lies within the theory behind Scrum and the basic principles within this framework. The training is a mix of theory and practical assignments, mostly formed into a workshop to maximize learning.

After this training:

  • It will be clear what Scrum is;
  • You will understand the principles and values of Scrum;
  • You will know more about servant leadership as Scrum Master to your Scrum Team, Product Owner and organization;
  • You will be able to start with Scrum within your team, to increase effectivity and collaboration;
  • You will be able to facilitate different Scrum events;
  • You will know what roles and responsibilities are important and how they should be applied within Scrum.

The training is divided into different modules. Of course we will inspect and adapt based on your questions and experiences. The training consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Theory and principles of Scrum
  • Scrum Framework
  • The importance of Done (and undone)
  • Product Delivery
  • People and teams
  • The role of the Scrum Master

To maximize your learning experience, we advise you to read the Scrum Guide (at least once) and write down your questions and remarks. You can also take the free online Open Scrum assessment on the Scrum.org website.

After the training, you will have access to the classroom page which will have a lot of material to be able to review and read more in-depth information.

After the training you will receive an assessment code from Scrum.org support to take the PSM I assessment. There is no expiration date on this assessment code. However, when you take your first attempt within two weeks after the training and do not pass the 85% marker, you will automatically receive a new code to do a second attempt.


Some courses are virtual and some are in-person. Information about the location (and if the course is virtual or in-person) is indicated with each course date. 

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Attend one of our PSM classes

Professional Scrum Master
€ 1495
SF Experience, Computerweg 37, Amersfoort

PSM 06-07 Jul 2022

Professional Scrum Master
€ 1495
SF Experience 37, Computerweg, Amersfoort

PSM 07-08 Sep 2022

Professional Scrum Master
€ 1495
SF Experience, Computerweg 37, Amersfoort

PSM 19-20 Oct 2022