Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced (PSPO-A)

The Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced (PSPO-A) training is aimed at Product Owners who want to fortify their mandate. Going from ‘it feels my Product Backlog is managed by my stakeholders’ to ‘my stakeholders help me maximize the value of the product’. From ‘being owner of the changes to the product’ to ‘owning all aspects that influence the success of the product’.

  • How to best work with stakeholders
  • Create a competitive advantage for any product
  • Learn different stances of a Product Owner
  • Connecting product features to customer outcomes
  • Virtual training available for €1.295,-
  • Learning objective
  • Training set up
  • Preperation
  • Exam

The Product Owner’s role is multifaceted, requiring the practitioner to engage in behaviors and adopt mindsets beyond the core of Agility and the Scrum Framework. This course surfaces these behaviors by challenging the student to adopt several different Product Owner stances:

  • Customer Representative – focused on understanding customer problems, challenges, and potential opportunities
  • Visionary – communicating the vision, future state and possibilities in ways that foster a common understanding
  • Experimenter – focusing on innovation, hypothesis testing and validating potential value to spark product innovation
  • Influencer – communicating with and influencing stakeholders, customers, and the Scrum Team to act with a common purpose
  • Collaborator – seeking input, ideas, and feedback from others
  • Decision Maker – focusing on creating maximum impact by making clear choices and decisions
  • Understanding your products
  • Who are your customers?
  • Connecting product features to customer outcomes
  • Communicating the product vision and strategy
  • Value and pricing models
  • Innovation and experimentation
  • Stakeholders and stakeholder management
  • Agile governance, budgeting and contracting in relation to Scrum
  • Scaling the Product Owner role

To maximize your learning experience, we advise you to read the Scrum Guide (at least once) and write down your questions and remarks. You can also take the free online Open Scrum assessment on the website.

After the training, you will have access to the classroom page which will have a lot of material to be able to review and read more in-depth information.

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced course receive a password to take the PSPO II assessment and are entitled to a discount on the PSPO III assessment. The industry-recognized PSPO certifications require a minimum passing score on these rigorous assessments.

There is no expiration date on this assessment code. However, when you take your first attempt within two weeks after the training and do not pass the 85% marker, you will automatically receive a new code to do a second attempt.

Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced (PSPO-A)
€ 1495 Dutch

PSPO-A 11-12 Feb 2021

The Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced (PSPO-A) training is aimed at Product Owners who want to fortify their mandate. Going

Every Scrum Facilitators training will facilitated by two experienced trainers. Kai Stevens is a Product Owner with over 12 years of Product Owner experience in different environments. Sjoerd Kranendonk works as a Scrum Master, (agile) coach and consultant for over 7 years with an exceptional interest and attention for the value of effective Product ownership. Sjoerd is Professional Scrum Trainer and has over 5 years’ experience with Scrum related training. He helped develop the PSPO-A and other Product Owner related training. Since 2020 Kai and Sjoerd are working together with other Scrum professionals as Scrum Facilitators to spread knowledge, tools & tips to use Scrum more effectively.