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As Scrum Facilitators we regularly facilitate meetups and webinars. We want to share these recordings with you and looking forward to hearing more about it. 

Scrumptious Facilitators Episode 6 - The Truth Curve Applied

In this 6th edition of the Scrumptious Facilitators webinar our guest speaker, Ellissa Verseput shares her experiences applying the truth curve to validate value at acceptable risk. Enjoy!

Scrumptious Facilitators Episode 6 - The Truth Curve Applied

In his lecture, our guest speaker Nils Hyoma shows how his team successfully solved complex challenges with good backlog refinement. The team was gradually able to integrate critical stakeholders in a targeted manner. The software developers have taken on the responsibility for determining the requirements, resolved dependencies through collaboration with other teams, and coordinated the releases. In addition to the actual task of developing software, the planned and structured backlog refinement event gradually became the engine of change management and the agile and digital transformation of the airport. The practical talk takes up real project situations and problems. Nils explains how and why a well-carried out backlog refinement can become a key success factor in agile projects.

Scrumptious Facilitators Episode 4 - Forcasting performance

A story about an extreme running event and a crazy English guy working out how to beat the clock. – Oh and a very small mention of Story Points.


Scrumptious Facilitators Episode 3 - Tips For User Stories and Backlog Management

This 3rd edition of the Scrumptious Facilitators Webinar will be all about applying user stories and improving your backlog management. Scrum Facilitator Kai Stevens will share very practical tips based on his own experience as a product owner. 


This webinar is ideal for experienced product owners, Scrum Masters, and development teams to double-check on their own backlog management practices. For novices, this webinar can help make a good start learning how to apply product backlog management.

Scrumptious Facilitators webinar: How To Spice Up Your Remote Sprint Reviews

In this second episode of the Scrumptious Facilitators Webinar, we dive into the challenges of organizing effective remote Sprint Reviews. Scrum Facilitator Kai Stevens shares his ‘secret’ formula to decide which format to pick for your upcoming Sprint Review. Enjoy!


How understanding Agile enables professional Scrum by Erik de Bos

Search for Agile on the internet and you will find lots of information about why we do Agile and how to do it. However, what Agile actually is, seems to be rather much harder to find. This leaves people, especially in a Scrum transition, to create their own definition, usually based on their own experience of what they want to achieve. This leads to a lot of confusion when applying professional Scrum.

In this interactive talk, Erik de Bos reflects on what he thinks Agile is. Erik will also discuss why it is so important to have a shared understanding of what Agile is in order to make Scrum more effective. This session will be highly interactive, you will be sharing stories and evaluating the impact within your own organization.